Handisport on ice or snow for families and friends with Lugicap

With Lugicap Lugicapsleds, tobogganing activities previously inaccessible to people with reduced mobility are now accessible to them. In addition to the disabled user, the configuration of the Sled includes at least one companion who guides the sled by manipulating the handlebars at the rear.

This makes it easy to enjoy this activity with family and friends. A great time ahead.

Handisport on ice, wheelchair ice skating, with friends

A wide range of products for handisport on ice or snow

Lugicap has developed a wide range of sleds for people with reduced mobility, including wheelchair-mounted sleds for mobility on ice and snow.

Several products have been developed:

Each product is tailored to a specific terrain and activity.

Lugicap Ice is Sled designed for wheelchair ice skaters. Most 3- and 4-wheel manual wheelchairs are compatible with this Sled. Ice rinks and frozen lakes are the playgrounds for Lugicap Ice.

Lugicap Ice Perf is designed for people who want to perform on ice, and therefore go further than a simple ride. This Sled is configured to glide more easily and go faster than the Lugicap Ice.

The Lugicap Snow, on the other hand, is for those who want to be mobile on snow.

Last but not least, Lugicap Raid is a product that can be designed entirely to customer specifications. Its design takes into account the playing field, the type of disability, the user's objectives and more.

Family and friends help you enjoy the sport

Depending on the terrain, the use of Lugicap sleds requires the compulsory presence of one or two people in addition to the person on the Sled.

On a skating rink, one person in addition to the luginaute does the trick. In the snow, however, two people in addition to the luginaute are needed, precisely to negotiate the slopes.

One person stands at the bow, equipped with the towing harness, pulling the boat forward. The second person stands behind the boat.

These constraints mean that people with disabilities have to take part in snowboarding activities with Lugicap in the company of family members or friends.

Handisport on snow, in a wheelchair, in a group

What activities for family and friends with Lugicap?

These sleds, developed by Lugicap, offer a wide range of activities for families and friends to enjoy with disabled people.

Ice skating with family and friends

The ice rink is a privileged playground for people with reduced mobility. With Lugicap Ice, you can organize ice activitiesand enjoy the thrills of the ice together. 

Lugicap sleds make it possible for you and your family and friends to enjoy a delightfully relaxing time together.

If, like some people, you're more interested in performance, Lugicap has just the product for you. Lugicap Ice Perf will give you a great time, thanks to its special settings that open the way to speed and a better quality of glide.

With friends or family, you're sure to love your time on the rink.

Activities with family and friends on frozen lakes and rivers

Thanks to Lugicap Ice and Lugicap Ice Perf, you and your loved ones can enjoy nature's helping hand.

Treat yourself to some winter fun and go sliding on your Sled, on the smooth surfaces of your local frozen lakes or rivers.

Handisport ice or snow: outings with family and friends in the ski resorts

In addition to ice and skating rinks, snow is also a playground for you.

Lugicap Snow makes it easy to glide over snowy surfaces at Sled . Ski resorts open their arms to you for activities on activities on snow.

In the company of friends with whom you share the same passion, or as a family, take a ride on the snow and live out your passion for snow sports to the full. You can also try your hand at adventureYou can also try your hand at adventure, with raids, treks and long-distance trips.

Family activities are particularly useful for people with reduced mobility. As well as giving them the opportunity to get away from it all, it's also a great way to relax and strengthen the social and emotional bonds between people. With a Lugicap, handisport on ice or in the snow becomes accessible to all.

Handisport on snow, in a wheelchair, in the sun

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