Lugicap Ice Perf

Discover Lugicap Ice Perf

LUGICAP ICE PERF (formerly known as LUGIGLACE) is the ultimate version of our ice sleds.

Designed for demanding skaters who wish to progress in the discipline of wheelchair ice skating.

LUGICAP ICE PERF offers fine tuning to perfectly secure your wheelchair to the Sled. Glide quality and cornering behavior pave the way for pure performance. Welcome to the world of high performance and thrills you've always dreamed of.

The Luginaute/guide pairing becomes a team... where speed and performance are the order of the day.


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Lugicap Ice Perf features

The LUGICAP ICE PERF is a Sled designed for people with reduced mobility who want to go a little further than just skating on the rink. skating rink.

The LUGICAP ICE PERF is dedicated to high-performance ice skating on ice rinks or frozen lakes and rivers. This specialization means it can be perfectly adjusted in width to fit the wheelchair it is designed to accommodate. The LUGICAP ICE PERF is more compact and less bulky than the LUGICAP ICE model.

The type of wheelchair suitable for this activity is a 4-wheel wheelchair. All wheelchairs must be CE marked.


Settings and safety


LUGICAP ICE PERF is easily adjustable to accommodate any type of 4-wheel manual wheelchair.

The adjustments offered by LUGICAP ICE PERF allow optimum adjustment of the Sled to the on-board wheelchair.

The wheelchair is immobilized on the Sled with sturdy, easy-to-handle securing straps.

A safety harness and lifeline are automatically supplied.

Lugicap Ice Perf dimensions

LUGICAP ICE PERF sleds have the following components and dimensions:

  • Aluminum chassis
  • Wheelchair size between 40 cm** and 61 cm***.
  • Dimensions : 62 cm (W) x 70 cm (L) x 5 cm (H)
  • Weight 8.5 kg
  • Maximum load capacity of 130 kg

** Outside distance of rear wheels at ground level
*** Inside distance from rear wheels to ground level

NB: LUGICAP ICE is delivered assembled, ready for adjustment.


A two-year warranty

Lugicap equipment comes with a two-year warranty against manufacturing defects. In the unfortunate event of a manufacturing defect, we will replace the defective part and ship it to you.

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Equipment included with a Lugicap Ice Perf

Certain equipment is systematically included when you order Sled LUGICAP ICE PERF.


Lugiglace ice skates

They are necessary for sliding on the surface

A support harness

The Harness keeps the user in the wheelchair, preventing any risk of tipping over.


A lifeline

It links the attendant and the boat. This is essential to maintain contact between the two, even if the attendant lets go of the wheelchair.

This lifeline must not be removed until the activity is completely finished.


A setting compass

It is used to perfectly adjust the wheelchair to the LUGICAP ICE PERF.

Option Lugicap Ice Perf

The LUGICAP ICE PERF can be ordered with or without a carrying case.


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Installation guide

Lugicap Ice Perf settings

Track width adjustment

The Sled is width-adjustable to fit most 4-wheel manual wheelchairs.

  1. Measure the wheelchair's track width using our setting calipers or another measuring device:
    • Outside dimension of rear wheels closest to ground = dimension X
  1. Loosen the 2 handles* C located on the top of the equipment.
    *Thehandles are 'indexed': by lifting the handle, it can be repositioned without affecting tightening or loosening.
  1. Enter the track width measured on the equipment chassis (dimension X).
  1. Vary the width of the frame to reach dimension X.
  1. Mark X at 2 points on the chassis to adjust alignment
  2. Tighten the handles as much as possible (manually).
  1. Optimum width adjustment is achieved when the outer flanks of the wheelchair wheels are positioned against the inner flanks of the frame, with no play (as shown in the photo opposite).

Adjusting wheel stops

Wheel stops must be adjusted to the diameter of the wheelchair's wheels. They must hold the wheel in its housing without any degree of freedom.

  1. Loosen the knobs A on the underside of the frame to release the stops. 
  2. Adjust the stops B according to the diameter of your wheelchair's wheels so that the wheels are immobilized (without degrees of freedom), then tighten A manually to the maximum.

Loading the wheelchair

  1. The attendant presents the wheelchair with its back to the front of the equipment in preparation for docking.
  1. The attendant tips the wheelchair onto its rear wheels and boards the equipment.
  1. The wheelchair fits between the adjustable wheel stops.

Depending on experience and comfort, we recommend that you board your wheelchair with the help of 2 attendants (one at the back of the wheelchair, the other at the front), to ensure safe boarding.

Installing the clamping strap

To secure the wheelchair to the equipment, the Sled is fitted with a clamping strap (in red).

  1. Install the bridle strap
    • Pass the 2 strap strands over the tubular part of the wheelchair, under the seat, as shown (Fig. 1.1).
    • Pass the 'loopless' strand through the rear loop of the Sled and then through the strap loop (Fig.1.1).
    • Tension the strap by pulling the strand downwards (Fig. 1.1).
    • Tie the remaining slack carefully so that it does not impede the boat's progress (Fig. 1.2).

Fig. 1.1


Fig. 1.2

  1. Check that the strap is tight, and that the wheelchair is now firmly secured to the equipment.

When working, check regularly that the bridle strap is always taut.

Installation of the disabled person

It's important to be well supported in the wheelchair, so you can enjoy the experience 100%, in a safe environment. We strongly recommend the use of a safety harness. The one we offer is easy to use, adjustable and safe.

Disembarking the wheelchair

  1. Secure the boat.   
  2. Remove the clamping strap.
  1. The attendant lifts the wheelchair by its handles to disengage it from the stops.
  1.  The attendant tips the wheelchair onto its rear wheels and disembarks.

A user manual is systematically supplied with all LUGICAP equipment.


Prices, please contact us | StandardLugicap quality standard, CE self-certificationLugicap quality standard, DM - Medial Device

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