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LUGICAP ICE is Sled for people with reduced mobility who want to skate on ice. From municipal ice rinks to fabulous Canadian and Scandinavian frozen lakes... the playground is limitless!

LUGICAP ICE can accommodate any type of manual wheelchair (including 3-wheelers), without transfer.

We also offer an ergonomic seat for unique comfort, safety and sensations. This ergonomic seat is specially designed to accommodate
powerchair users and other luginauts from all walks of life.

Accompanied by your friends, experienced skaters or beginners, the feeling of sliding and the air on your face will put a smile on the crew's faces - it's up to you!


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Lugicap Ice model features

The operating configuration is a Sled with a "luginaute" on board. The Sled is propelled from behind by a companion on skates.

LUGICAP ICE equipment is designed to fit the vast majority of manual wheelchairs, including those with 3 wheels. Whatever your model, we've got you covered.


Settings and safety

LUGICAP ICE is quickly adjustable to accommodate all types of 3- and 4-wheel manual wheelchairs, as well as children's strollers.

The wheelchair is immobilized on the Sled with sturdy, easy-to-handle securing straps.

Whatever installation configuration you choose (wheelchair or ergonomic seat), a support harness and lifeline are automatically supplied.


Lugicap Ice options

LUGICAP ICE is available :

  • With or without rear handlebars
  • With or without ergonomic seat
  • With or without carrying case

Lugicap Ice dimensions

LUGICAP ICE sleds have the following characteristics and dimensions:

  • Aluminum chassis
  • Width 61 cm**
  • Depth 74 cm
  • Height 8 cm
  • Maximum load capacity of 130 kg

** Outside distance of rear wheels at ground level
*** Inside distance from rear wheels to ground level

NB: LUGICAP ICE is delivered assembled, ready for adjustment.

A two-year warranty

The equipment comes with a two-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

In the event of a problem, LUGICAP teams will assess the equipment and replace the faulty part, which will then be sent to the customer.

LUGICAP will pay the cost of returning the replaced part.

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Equipment included with a Lugicap Ice

Equipment included

Certain equipment is automatically included in the delivery of a Sled LUGICAP order. These are :

Lugiglace ice skates,

They are necessary for gliding over the surface.


A support harness

It keeps the user in the wheelchair, protecting him or her from tipping over.

A lifeline

It links the attendant and the boat. This is essential to maintain contact between the two, even if the attendant lets go of the wheelchair.

This lifeline must not be removed until the activity is completely finished.


Lugicap Ice and Lugicap Snow, 2 sleds in 1

The LUGICAP ICE is an ice skating Sled .

As configured, it can accommodate 3 or 4-wheel wheelchairs.

LUGICAP ICE is also modular. The "Snow" kit allows you to transform your Sled for ice skating into Sled forsnow activities.

Thanks to a kit, you can transform your LUGICAP ICE into a LUGICAP SNOW which is a Sled designed for mobility on snow. Conversely, LUGICAP SNOW can be transformed into LUGICAP ICE.

Lugicap Ice installation guide

Wheel stops should be adjusted according to the wheel diameter of the wheelchair to be loaded. The larger the wheel, the further apart the stops should be; conversely, the smaller the wheel, the closer the stops should be.

  1. Loosen the knobs A to release the stops B.
  1. Adjust the stops B, then manually tighten A to the maximum.
  2. Repeat the operation on both sides of the Sled

Loading the wheelchair

  1. Loosen handles C* by a quarter-turn to release wheel flanges D. Bring both flanges D to the center of the platform to leave plenty of room for the wheelchair to pass through.

*Thehandles are indexable; by lifting the black part, it is possible to reposition it without affecting clamping.

  1. The attendant presents the wheelchair with its back to the front of the equipment, in preparation for docking.
  1. The attendant loads the wheelchair onto the equipment.
  1. The rear wheels of the wheelchair fit into the previously set wheel stops.
  1. Adjust the wheel flanges D against the inside of the wheelchair wheels Tighten the handles C firmly (manual tightening only) to immobilize the assembly.

The wheelchair is now held laterally.

NB: Depending on your experience and comfort level, we recommend that you board your wheelchair with the help of 2 attendants (one at the back of the wheelchair, the other at the front), to ensure safe boarding.


Installation of clamping straps


To secure the wheelchair to the equipment, the Sled is equipped with a rear and two side straps.

  1. Installing the rear clamping strap
  • Pass the strap strand fitted with the quick-release buckle over the tubular part of the chair, under the seat, as shown.
  • Pass the remaining strand through the quick loop
  • Tighten the strap by pulling the strand downwards
  • Make sure the strap is now taut.
  • Tie the remaining slack carefully so that it does not impede the boat's progress.

Fig. 2.1


Fig. 2.2


Fig. 2.3

  1. Installation of side straps.
  • Pass the strap strand fitted with the quick-release buckle over the wheelchair's wheel attachment or another depending on the wheelchair (Fig. 2.1).
  • Pass the strap strand through the quick-release buckle, then tighten to the maximum by pulling downwards (Fig. 2.2).
  • Make sure the strap is now taut. Tie the straps neatly so that they do not impede the boat's progress (Fig. 2.3).

Repeat the operation on the 2 side straps (left and right)

  1. Check again that all 3 straps are tight and that the wheelchair is now firmly secured to the wheelchair. Sled

NB: When working, check regularly that the straps are always taut.


Installation of the disabled person

To enjoy the experience 100%, in a safe and secure environment, you need to be properly secured and supported in the wheelchair.
We strongly recommend the use of a harness to support the disabled person in his or her seat. The one we offer is easy to use, adjustable and safe.

Disembarking the wheelchair

  1. Secure the boat
  2. Remove the clamping straps and release the wheel clamps D by loosening the levers C.
  3. The attendant lifts the wheelchair by its handles to disengage it from the stops.
  1. The chair is now free to leave the Sled

A user manual is systematically supplied with all LUGICAP equipment.


Looking for a unique experience? Or give happiness to a loved one with a disability? LUGICAP ICE gives you the chance to enjoy yourself or someone else through fun leisure activities!


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