Lugicap equipment

The Sled Lugicap is a sports facility designed for people with reduced or very reduced mobility.

We offer people with disabilities the chance to take part in board sports and experience the thrill of the snow.

With Lugicap, treat yourself to :

  • ice tours on ice rinks or frozen lakes.
  • walks on snow on cross-country ski trails or hiking through snow-covered plains.
  • and even snow raids to explore the great northern spaces.

Lugicap is the brainchild of Frédéric Martin, a quadriplegic following an accident, and a keen skier himself.

Faced with the difficulties of moving his wheelchair in a ski resort ski resort where he was staying with friends, he came up with the idea of a made-to-measure Sled , on which his wheelchair would slide over the snow... And so the first " Lugicap " was born.

From now on, whatever your disability, it's possible to live your passion and enjoy yourself in the way you've always dreamed of. With Lugicap, you can discover or rediscover the pleasures of skiing and snowboarding.

Home-2021-03-06-079 Lugicap Snow


The Lugicap Ice is designed for ice skating. You'll be able to take to the ice rinks and ride on frozen lakes, and there'll be no stopping you.

Home-equipment-IMG_4883-1 Lugicap Ice

Ice Perf

This Sled is uniquely suited to ice skating. With its fine tuning, Lugicap Ice Perf gives the user more room to maneuver for greater performance.

Home-equipment-lugiglace-1140x641 Lugicap Ice Perf


If you love snow activities, then the Lugicap Snow is the one for you. It's designed for mobility, strolling or hiking on snow, on flat or gently undulating terrain.

Home-equipment-2021-03-06-137 Lugicap Snow


For those who love adventure and memorable outings in the great outdoors. Choose a customized Sled .

Home-equipment-IMG_2857 Customized Lugicad

Because we care about our customers' safety, our sleds are specially designed to guarantee user comfort and safety. They are compatible with all types of wheelchair.

Here are some examples of mechanical wheelchairs compatible with Lugicap equipment


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Playing field for a Lugicap

Ice activities

Home-activities-on-ice-3 LUGICAP ICE PERF

Treat yourself to moments of pure pleasure and performance, whether on the rink or on the ice, with Lugicap Ice and Lugicap Ice Perf.

Snow activities

Home-activities-on-snow-2021-03-06-047 Lugicap Snow

Whether on flat or hilly terrain, the Lugicap Snow is the perfect solution for people with reduced mobility. With family or friends, you can finally enjoy moments of joy on flat terrain, groomed slopes or cross-country ski trails.

Tailor-made activities

Home-Customized-activities-FB6b Lugicap Raid

With Lugicap Raid, the limits of the impossible are now pushed back, to the delight of you and your loved ones. Equipped with your Sled, set off to conquer the snow-covered surfaces of your region. Experience a life-size adventure.

Customer testimonials

Christelle Khan
Christelle Khan
With much delay, I wanted to thank Franck from Lugicap who accompanied my son Leny on a trip to La Toussuire in February. He came all the way from Besançon, just for one morning. Thanks to "make a wish", Leny was able to enjoy a dog sled ride. The journey to this one was made possible by Franck and his team. 1000 thanks for everything you do. It was an unforgettable experience for him and for us. Long live your project, it's good to have people like you!
Axelle Laurent
Axelle Laurent
An innovative product that allows wheelchair users to enjoy the pleasures of winter sports!
MOUREY Coréane
MOUREY Coréane
Thank you to lugicap for introducing us to quality products, perfectly designed to combine safety, comfort and ease of use.
Great for winter walks! Lugicap is very practical! 5 stars!
As its name suggests, the lugicap is an easy-to-access, easy-to-use concept for people with reduced mobility. It offers sensations rarely found in a wheelchair. If you get the chance to try it out, you'll adopt it immediately :) I highly recommend it!
Agathe Frys
Agathe Frys
As a Christmas present for our wheelchair-bound son, the lugicap lived up to its promise of being quick and easy to use. Strolls on groomed snow: on the flat, it glides along smoothly and effortlessly, and the (small) descents are gentle, as are the ascents. Our son couldn't agree more!
emilode kaprielian
emilode kaprielian
Getting around in the snow in a wheelchair becomes a real pleasure thanks to lugicap

Lugicap, a French label

All our sleds are 100% French-made.

All components are made in France.

In fact, Lugicap works in partnership with several French companies to provide users with quality equipment that proudly displays its strength, durability, comfort and safety.

Home-label-IMG_4517 Lugicap

How to get a Lugicap

To purchase a Lugicap, ask for a quote by filling in the dedicated contact form. Fill in all the fields, providing all the information you need to understand your requirements. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Or simply send us a message via our contact form

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