LUGICAP adapts to your needs and desires!

LUGICAP equipment can be configured to suit individual needs, depending on :

  • The activity: on snow(SNOW) or ice(ICE) or custom(RAID).
  • Your application: rear handlebar propulsion and/or harness drive.
  • Your disability, your preferences: Mechanical wheelchair boarding on equipment or ergonomic seat

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LUGICAP equipment is configurable and upgradeable

Installation of the disabled person on LUGICAP¹ equipment

Wheelchair (manual)

Our equipment is designed to accommodate the vast majority of manual wheelchairs (including 3-wheelers).

By using his/her own wheelchair, the user retains the comfort of his/her own wheelchair, without having to transfer.


Ergonomic seat

Our ergonomic seat is the ultimate in installation. Wedged into a composite shell, it offers optimum comfort, safety and sensations.

What's more, this solution opens up access to everyone, including wheelchair users.

¹ Refer to the product data sheets to see the options available for each equipment.


Carrying pouch² for

Our made-to-measure transport bag will provide long-lasting protection for your equipment during transport and storage.

The original cardboard packaging is also an effective storage solution.

² Refer to the product data sheets to see the options available for each equipment.

Powertrain³ mode

Rear handlebars

The LUGICAP rear handlebar provides optimum control of the boat for the guide, and comfort for the team.

Traction harness

Combinable with the rear handlebar, the towing harness attaches to the front of the Sled.

On uphill stretches, the guide pulls the boat with our traction harness: efficient and comfortable.


If your use of the boat is moderate, and you are planning to use it as a wheelchair, you can order our equipment without handlebars or traction harness. In this case, the attendant sits at the rear of the boat and propels it using the wheelchair's handles.

³ Refer to the product data sheets to see the options available for each piece of equipment.


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