Playing field

Sleds for different playgrounds

Lugicap sleds are designed for surfaces suitable for sliding sports. In this respect ice rinksfrozen lakes and snow are the favorite playgrounds for sled users Lugicap.

So whatever your preferred terrain, Lugicap has a Sled to suit.

Lugicap equipment is designed to guarantee safety and, above all, user comfort. Believe us, you'll love riding our sleds.


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Enjoy ice-skating activities with Lugicap sleds


The ice skating is an activity that may seem incompatible with a severe disability. Well, thanks to Lugicap, it's now possible without having to change wheelchairs.

This fun and sporting activity, which is good for health and morale, is now accessible to all, including people with reduced mobility.

Ice skating stimulates and develops self-confidence. You can also combine the pleasure and pride of skating.

So to enable people with reduced mobility to enjoy the pleasures of sliding sports too, Lugicap has designed sleds configured to accommodate manual wheelchairs with 3 or 4 wheels.

To begin with, the luginaute's wheelchair has to be installed on the Sled Lugicap Ice.

Then, with the help of their guide, they can practice the activity in complete safety and move about on the ice. If you love ice skatingyou'll enjoy gliding across the ice in your Lugicap Ice Perf.

Frozen lakes and rivers are also playgrounds

When the water hardens in the depths of winter, it too becomes a prime playground for ice enthusiasts. ice sports enthusiasts.. This is particularly true of lakes and rivers.


Aboard your Lugicap Ice or your Lugicap Ice Perfyou and your companions will experience intense moments of pure happiness.
What could be more exhilarating than skating on a frozen lake or river?
It's not winter, or it's not cold enough for the water to freeze? No problem, a Lugicap Ice or Ice Perf is just as at home on an ice rink!

Things to remember:

Lugicap Ice and Ice Perf equipment also work perfectly on synthetic rinks.


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Enjoy snow activities with Lugicap Snow

For those seeking mobility on snow, for those dreaming of escape and fresh air, our Sled Lugicap Snow is the ideal solution.

With this Sled, you and your wheelchair can travel in complete safety on snow. snow with your wheelchair. Whether it's a simple stroll along a snow-covered path or a long trek on the cross-country ski trails, with friends or family, all options are possible.

Take to the slopes in your Lugicap Snow and experience the thrill of the snow. Lugicap gives you the chance to do just that.


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Lugicap Raid, for adventurers and backpackers

Want even more? Do you dream of great new new adventures ? Then the Lugicap Raid is for you. A Sled tailor-made for you and, of course, your companions.

Don't wait any longer, treat yourself or a loved one to a Lugicap and enjoy the pleasures of riding together.


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